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minke whale
Minke Whale (Costa)



In the News



Coral reefs provide valuable protection for coastlines [more]

• Exxon Valdez oil spill was a turning point for biologist Terrie Williams [more]

Marine biologist Pete Raimondi continues to be featured in ongoing coverage of sea star wasting syndrome [more]

Marine scientist Adina Paytan honored at AGU meeting [more]



• Deep-sea corals record dramatic long-term shift in Pacific Ocean ecosystem [more]

• Marine scientists track spread of sea star wasting disease [more]

• Norris Lecture features a panel of marine wildlife veterinarians on November 7 [more]

• Genetic study of river herring populations identifies conservation priorities [more]

• Seafloor research expedition features live online video feed [more]

• Military sonar can alter blue whale behavior [more]

• Carbon capture technique produces hydrogen fuel, offsets ocean acidification [more]

• CO2 at work during last global 'hot spell' but hardly alone [more]

First example of beat keeping in a non-human mammal--a sea lion bobbing her head to music--challenges leading theory about the origins of rhythmic ability [more]

Coastal Commission funds projects at UCSC Arboretum and Seymour Center [more]

A book about Hawaiian monk seals by marine biologist Terrie Williams has received a prize for excellence in science books [more]



• Biologist Pete Raimondi receives Outstanding Faculty Award [more]

• UCSC receives $1 million gift to support Center for Ocean Health expansion [more]

• Seymour Center offers guided tours on the Santa Cruz wharf [more]

• Past climate change linked to ancient alteration of seawater chemistry [more]

• Ocean scientist Raphael Kudela to co-chair national committee on harmful algae [more]

• New book by UCSC biologist Terrie Williams highlights efforts to save Hawaiian monk seals [more]

• Biologist James Estes honored by American Society of Mammologists [more]

• California sea level projected to rise at higher rate than global average [more]

• Elephant seal tracking reveals hidden lives of deep-diving animals [more]

• Two UCSC marine scientists awarded Pew Fellowships in Marine Conservation [more]

• Coral reef study traces indirect effects of overfishing [more]

• Hatchery fish mask the decline of wild salmon populations [more]

• Submarine springs offer preview of ocean acidification effects on coral reefs [more]

• IMS Researcher Tom Guilderson wins E.O. Lawrence Award for radiocarbon work [more]

• UC Santa Cruz leads $4 million NOAA project to monitor harmful algal blooms [more]

• The first video of tool use by a fish has been published in the journal Coral Reefs by Giacomo Bernardi [more]

• Biologist John Pearse awarded California Academy of Sciences Fellows' Medal [more]

• Seymour Center is supported by New Leaf Market program [more]

• Tracking of top marine predators reveals Pacific Ocean hot spots [more]

• Elephant seal experts featured on QUEST TV episode [more]

• Bill Doyle traces the early history of UC Santa Cruz in new book [more]

• Earth scientist James Gill receives Humboldt Research Award [more]

• Gary Griggs, director of the Institute of Marine Sciences, was featured in a PBS NewsHour story about the vulnerability of the U.S. West Coast to a tsunami. [more]

• Baby falcons draw viewers to nest cameras in annual ritual [more]

• Master divers Steve Clabuesch and Cecilia Shin will discuss diving beneath the ice in Antarctica in a public lecture at the Seymour Center [more]

• Researchers at UC Santa Cruz have received a grant from biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences Inc. to support a collaborative drug discovery program using UCSC's unique collection of marine natural products. [more]

• Seymour Center presents lecture on Pacific coast sea otters [more]

• Seymour Center presents lecture on jumbo squid in Monterey Bay [more]


In the News Archives

• News 2006-10 [more]



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