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minke whale
Minke Whale (Costa)



In the News


• UCSC scientists help California coastal communities prepare for sea level rise [more]

• Bering Sea was ice-free and full of life during last warm period, study finds [more]

• Life thrives in porous rock deep beneath the seafloor, scientists say [more]

• IMS researcher, Adina Paytan, teaches young scientists to engage with the public [more]

• Iron stimulates blooms of toxin-producing algae in open ocean, study finds [more]

• New shark pool marks Seymour Center's 10th anniversary on Sunday, October 10 [more]

• Marine experts to discuss a decade of ocean discoveries in annual Norris Lecture on Thursday, October 7 [more]

• Monterey Bay: Whales' buffet a feast for eyes [more]

• Scientists aim to predict toxic algal blooms in California's coastal waters [more]

• Geologist Gary Griggs publishes guide to California's beaches and coast [more]

• Four UCSC professors elected as Fellows of California Academy of Sciences [more]

• Rare Hawaiian monk seal brought to Long Marine Lab for study and treatment [more]

• Seymour Center honors alumna Kathryn Sullivan with Global Oceans Award [more]

• Baseline monitoring program surveys California's marine ecosystems [more]

• Pioneering marine mammal scientist Ronald Schusterman dies at age 77 [more]

Genome analysis of marine microbe reveals a metabolic minimalist [more]


Global warming likely to be amplified by slow changes to Earth systems [More]

Studies show marine reserves can be an effective tool for managing fisheries [More]

Lead poisoning threatens a vulnerable albatross population [More]

From a remote field site on the Antarctic sea ice, biologist Terrie Williams is studying survival strategies of Weddell seals [More]

IMS Director Gary Griggs and alumna Julie Packard named 2009 California Coastal Heroes [More]

MBARI president Marcia McNutt to be nominated as director of U.S. Geological Survey [More]

U.S. research vessel enroute to Bering Sea for climate change investigations [More]

Groundwater fingered as source of methylmercury in coastal waters [More]

Volunteers keep watch as urban falcons embark on first flights [More]

Marine scientist Adina Paytan has a new collaborator: third-grader Claire Dworsky [More]

Dedicated marine mammal volunteers save oiled otter [More]

(Feb 2009) Jonathan Zehr, professor of ocean sciences, has been elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology for his pioneering research on marine molecular ecology and nitrogen cycle processes. The academy, an honorific leadership group within the American Society for Microbiology, recognizes excellence, originality, and creativity in the microbiological sciences. As a newly elected fellow, Zehr will help to set future directions for the field and will provide expert opinion on issues in microbiology. He will be formally recognized at the society's annual meeting in Philadelphia in May.

Marc Mangel elected to the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Dust deposited in oceans may carry elements toxic to marine algae. Adina Paytan, IMS Associate Researcher.
New findings show that some sources of dust deposited in the oceans carry toxic elements that can kill marine phytoplankton.

Friends of Long Marine Lab will honor alumnus Brent Constantz with Global Oceans Award
The Friends of Long Marine Lab will honor entrepreneur and UCSC alumnus Brent Constantz at the group's annual Global Oceans Awards Gala on Saturday, February 28.

Study links seabird deaths to soap-like foam produced by red-tide algae
A "red tide" bloom of marine algae in 2007 produced a soap-like substance that stripped the natural waterproofing from birds' feathers.

TOPP program gets 'seal' of approval from comedian Stephen Colbert
UCSC elephant seal researchers caught the attention of Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, making the February 5 episode of his show, the Colbert Report.


• 10-21-08 Biologist Daniel Costa appointed to Ida Benson Lynn Endowed Chair in Ocean Health [more]

• 10-14-08 Study finds high mortality of endangered loggerhead sea turtles in Baja California [more]

• 03-10-08 Two UCSC scientists appointed to Ocean Protection Council advisory team [more]

• 02-25-08 Rats on islands disrupt ecosystems from land to sea, researchers find [more]

• 02-15-08 Past greenhouse warming events provide clues to what the future may hold [more]

• 02-01-08 Dave Kastak, researcher scientist in the Pinniped Cognition program [more]

• 01-14-08 Sea otter study reveals striking variability in diets and feeding strategies [more]


• 12-19-07 Why diving marine mammals resist brain damage from low oxygen [more]

• 12-13-07 California Coastal Commission approves UC Santa Cruz's Coastal LRDP [more]

• 11-27-07 Study of kelp harvesting finds bull kelp more vulnerable than giant kelp [more]

• 11-19-07 Seymour Center hosts Jingle Shells Art and Craft Festival on Sunday, December 2 [more]

• 10-17-07 Small-scale fishing in Mexico rivals industrial fisheries in accidental turtle deaths [more]

• 10-03-07 James Estes appointed interim director of STEPS Institute [more]

• 10-01-07 Grad student works with fishermen to save sea turtles and preserve livelihoods [more]

• 08-15-07 UCSC professor emeritus William Doyle publishes new reference for California botanists [more]

• 07-25-07 Expedition to Antarctica is topic of lecture by UCSC Daniel Costa on Saturday, August 4th [more]

• 06-01-07 UC Santa Cruz’s Seymour Marine Discovery Center featured on Jeopardy! [more]

• 05-16-07 Large blooms of toxic algae in Monterey Bay are affecting marine animals [more]

• 05-07-07 Myers Trust awards grants to 11 UCSC grad students for marine research [more]

• 04-27-07 The "Twilight zone" holds key to ocean's role in climate change [more]

• 04-18-07 UCSC graduate student's research leads to environmental victory in Coronado Islands [more]

• 04-11-07 UCSC students monitor peregrine falcons after release at Long Marine Lab [more]

• 03-28-07 UCSC Lecture series spotlights coastal policy changes [more]

• 02-26-07 UCSC biologist Terrie Williams wins 2007 Women of Discovery Award [more]

• 02-05-07 Chance discovery sheds light on the fates of young salmon [more]

• 01-29-07 New book explores the effects of whales and whaling on ocean ecosystems [more]

• 01-01-07 Friends of Long Marine Lab supports 11 student research projects [more]


• 12-11-06 Mexican research lab honors biologist Burney Le Boeuf [more]

• 11-27-06 Gary Griggs featured at November 30th book signing [more]

• 11-27-06 Scientists helped shape policy in proposed plan for California marine reserves [more]

• 11-2-06 Scientists trace causes and effects of unusual ocean conditions along the coast [more]

• 10-30-06 Margaret Delaney receives outstanding faculty award [more]

• 10-20-06: ARCS Foundation scholarships support 10 UCSC graduate students [more]

• 10-09-06: UCSC publishes oral history memoirof biologist Todd Newberry [more]

• 09-25-06: Fall lecture series at the Seymour Center will focus on global climate change [more]

• 09-18-06: California Academy of Sciences honors botanist Jean Langenheim [more]

• 08-14-06: UCSC researchers attracted a record $128.5 million in external grants and contracts to the campus in the 2005-06 fiscal year [more]

• 08-14-06: A study by UCSC research biologist Scott Shaffer documents the marathon migrations of sooty shearwaters as they pursue an endless summer in the Pacific [more]

• 08-14-06: UCSC is one of six partner institutions in a new interdisciplinary science and technology center that will focus on the microbial inhabitants of the sea [more]

07-19-06: UCSC's Daniel Costa and other researchers are using new technology to study Cape fur seals in South Africa [more]

• 06-19-06: CDELSI awards graduate fellowships in ocean health & environmental change [more]

• 06-12-06: Two Earth sciences faculty elected fellows of Geological Society of America [more]

• 06-05-06: John Thompson, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, has been named president-elect of the American Society of Naturalists [more]

• 05-29-06: Two sites in Antarctica have been named in honor of UCSC biologists Daniel Costa and Terrie Williams [more]

• 04-17-06: Seymour Center unveils new exhibit on fisheries research [more]

• 04-17-06: Myra Finkelstein, a postdoctoral researcher at UCSC, is leading a study comparing ocean contamination levels in albatross species [more]

• 04-10-06: Peregrine falcons are educating and entertaining fans at Long Marine Lab, in San Francisco, and throughout the world, thanks to a webcam [more]

• 04-03-06: Featured in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about his research on what may be a new species of salamander, biologist Barry Sinervo is among UCSC people drawing media attention recently [more]

• 03-13-06: The Friends of Long Marine Lab have honored Secretary of State Bruce McPherson with the Global Oceans Award [more]

• 02-27-06: Mary Silver to discuss her research on red tides March 2 [more]

• 02-20-06: Earth scientist James Zachos reported that studies of ancient climates suggest our planet is now on a fast track to global warming [more]

• 02-17-06: High-tech tags on marine animals yield valuable data for biologists and oceanographers [more]

• 02-13-06: Two new grants will support UCSC research projects that address important management issues affecting steelhead trout populations along the California coast and krill populations in the Southern Ocean [more]

• 02-06-06: Lisa Sloan quoted in the San Jose Mercury Newspaper about the issues of Global Warming [more]

• 01-30-06: Awards and Honors:The Friends of Long Marine Lab group is supporting 16 student research projects [more]

• 01-23-06: Graduate student Hoyt Peckham is working to save sea turtles in Baja California through research and education [more]



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