IMS Opportunities

The University and Institute are unique in having a close integration between the undergraduate students with marine interests and the research programs and projects of IMS Researchers, affiliated faculty, and graduate students such that many undergraduate students get directly involved in research as undergraduates utilizing IMS facilities. In addition, with our co-located federal agency partners — The Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center of the U.S. Geological Survey, and NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center — there are many opportunities for both internships and funding for both undergraduate and graduate research.

If you are a college student interested in gaining marine science or other biological research or fieldwork experience, consider becoming a volunteer or an intern. It’s the best way to learn about a career path you’re considering or discover the job you will love for a lifetime. You can contact IMS Researchers and affiliated faculty directly to find out about any opportunties they may have available. You can also learn about specific volunteer and internship opportunities by following the Volunteer/Internship Opportunities link on this page.

In addition, the Seymour Marine Discovery Center's community support group, the Friends of Long Marine Lab (FLML), facilitates funding for annual research awards given to UCSC students in the marine sciences. Each fall, the Friends of Long Marine Lab, in conjunction with IMS Director Gary Griggs, host an open competition for student research and education monetary awards. For information on how to apply, follow the Student Research and Education Awards link on this page.