Scientific Diving and Boating Support

The Institute of Marine Sciences manages the University Diving and Boating Safety Program (DBSP) in an office located in the Ocean Health Building at Long Marine Lab. The program supports scuba diving and scientific small boats used by UCSC classes, faculty, researchers, and staff based in the Monterey Bay and worldwide. In order to ensure safe scuba diving and scientific boating practices, the Diving and Boating Safety Program provides training and oversight for all scuba diving (scientific and recreational) and scientific boating activities conducted under UCSC auspices.

IMS also manages a fleet of boats and diving equipment for researchers to gain access to nearshore, open coastal, bay, and inland habitats. Kayaks, inflatables, fiberglass, and aluminum vessels ranging from 11 to 26 feet in length are available. The program maintains a breathing air and Nitrox fill station at Long Marine Lab. Portable scuba compressors and a variety of underwater sampling gear are also available for researchers and classes. The DBSP assists faculty, staff and student researchers in complying with federal OSHA standards for scientific scuba diving. All scientifc diving and boating projects are reviewed and approved by the DBSP. UCSC is an organizational member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences.

CONTACT: Steve Clabuesch (, Diving and Boating Safety Officer