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Michael W. Beck
  • Pronouns he, him, his, his, himself
  • Title
    • Director, Center for Coastal Climate Resilience & AXA Chair in Coastal Resilience
  • Division Physical & Biological Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Institute of Marine Sciences
    • Coastal Science & Policy Program
    • Ocean Sciences Department
  • Affiliations Office of Research
  • Phone
    831-345-0175, 831-459-1459
  • Email
  • Website
  • Office Location
    • Long Marine Lab Ocean Health Building, COH 210
  • Mail Stop Long Marine Lab
  • Faculty Areas of Expertise Coastal Science, Climate Change

Biography, Education and Training

Professor Michael W. Beck is the Director of the Center on Coastal Climate Resilience and AXA Chair in Coastal Resilience at the University of California Santa Cruz and Co-Lead of the NSF CoPe Strong Coasts project. Mike aims to reduce risks to people, property, and nature in his work across science, policy, and practice. Mike served for 20 years as Lead Marine Scientist at The Nature Conservancy. He has advised government agencies in the US, Germany, UK, EU, Philippines, Jamaica, and Grenada, among others. He has collaborated with many global agencies and companies including AXA, Munich Re, Swiss Re, Lloyd’s of London, Risk Management Solutions, and the World Bank. Mike has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers and numerous Op-eds in major papers including the LA Times, NY Times, The Hill, and the Miami Herald. He has been a Fulbright Fellow and a Pew Marine Fellow. You can find more on his lab’s work at

Selected Publications


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