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Support Marine Sciences Student Research

There are about [#] graduate students, in addition to [several hundred] undergraduates, who are engaged in a wide variety of marine research projects, from senior thesis, to MA and Ph.D. dissertation research. Much of the graduate student research is supported by federal or state agency grants or contracts through their advising professors, but many new projects or initial investigations do not yet have funding.

Many of our undergraduates get excited or motivated by a class lecture, a professor, or a graduate student, and wish to pursue independent research to explore some interesting and potentially important problem, but for which there is no designated or available funding. A number of generous donors, former faculty or students, parents or other individuals, have provided funds or have established endowments specifically to fund student research, whether undergraduate or graduate students. The annual interest from these endowments now totals about $[ ] and each year, through the proposal process, # to # students receive research awards. These endowments collectively are designated as the Friends of Long Marine Laboratory Student Research Awards

Please help support Marine Sciences undergraduate and graduate student researchers by contributing to one of the student research endowments listed below.

Please click any of the links below to open a new browser window that contains a form on the UCSC Online Giving page. The form should be "pre-populated" with information indicating your interest in supporting the specific student research award. You may make a one-time donation or pledge to give annually. Funds can be added to any of these endowments at any time and we welcome your support to these programs.

Friends of Long Marine Lab Student Award Your gift supports graduate and undergraduate research projects in marine sciences.

Jane McHenry Student Award  Your gift supports student research in the marine sciences.

Ken Norris Marine Mammal Research Award Your gift supports undergraduate and graduate research on marine mammals.

Lillian McPherson Rouse Award Your gift supports exceptional research projects in marine science that focus on the Monterey Bay.

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